10 Best and Worst States to Make a Living


The job market is finally picking up some steam, providing hope to long-suffering job seekers everywhere. But if you’re among the applying masses, you probably want to do more than just get a job.

If you want to make a living — in other words, make enough after tax and fixed expenses to prosper — your chances of getting a job that pays enough to live in comfort varies dramatically based on the state where you live and work. MoneyRates.com pulled unemployment rates, average wages, tax rates and cost of living from all 50 states and found that the best places to find a job were not necessarily the best places to make a living.

The unemployment rate is only 3.7% in North Dakota versus 11% in Michigan, for example. But Michigan is a much better place to make a living, with “adjusted average income” of $37,427 versus $35,365 in North Dakota, according to MoneyRates. MoneyRates rankings are based on their analysis of what you have left to spend, after adjusting for paying your state taxes and dealing with the comparative cost of buying groceries and keeping a roof over your head, among other things.

Based on that analysis, where are the best and worst places to make a living?

The best, according to MoneyRates, is…

1. Illinois: The adjusted average income is $41,987, thanks to reasonably high average wages, relatively low state income taxes and a reasonable cost of living.
2. Washington (state): The cost of living is higher than average, but so is the average wage and the state imposes no income tax. Adjusted average income: $41,456.
3. Texas: Also benefits from no state income tax. Adjusted average income: $41,427
4. Virginia: $41,120
5. Delaware: $39,105
6. Massachusetts: $38,665
7. Georgia: $38,228
8. Tennessee: $38,038
9. Colorado: $38,020
10. Minnesota: $37,721

Where are the worst states to make a living?

41. Hawaii: $22,108
42. Maine: $29,159
43. Montana: $29,496
44. California: $29,772
45. Vermont: $29,986
46. Oregon: $30,343
47. Rhode Island: $30,612
48. Mississippi: $30,953
49. West Virginia: 31,357
50. South Carolina: $31,636


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