Travel notes by Mr and Mrs Globe Trot

Link to their blog, and their website.

We are Julia and Yuriy Manchik. We photograph people and weddings together when we are at home in Seattle, WA. We decided to ditch the country immediately after our very own 09/25/10 wedding and travel the world for half a year.

Why we love to travel:

– culture exposure
– delicious and interesting food
– discovering neat places away from home
– amazing photo opportunities
– learning history
– diverse outdoor activities
– sleeping in or not sleeping
– creative exploration
– navigating foreign streets
– bargaining at the market
– meeting cool people and getting inspired
– escaping the mundane life at home
– appreciating home upon return
– enjoying just the two of us

We have always had a natural inclination to explore and learn. The best memories of our dating relationship involve exploring new parts of our home city [Seattle] or short weekend road trips in the Northwest [Vancouver, BC, Seaside, Oregon, Idaho, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, rockclimbing]. The world is big and we are yearning to get to know it. We think this is a prime time in our lives to get away and see the world. It would take more than a lifetime to see everything, so we think it’s best we start early–at the start of our married life. Without school, work, or friends as distractions, we will grow strong as husband and wife at an amazing rate. We plan to return home 6 months after the wedding, absolutely broke, but loaded with unforgettable memories, and more in love than ever.

You know we wouldn’t leave home without a camera. This blog will serve as our online photography journal. You can expect to see photos of each place we visit and journaling about the experience from both the Mr and Mrs. We will do our best to show a glimpse of the local culture of each country we visit by highlighting style, food, people, places, and art.


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