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Posted by James Altucher

Honestly, you should have a huge party. You should turn to your left and have a high five with the guy or girl next to you. You should turn to your right and do the same thing.

The key, key, thing is not to spend your money. Not to go to zero.

Here’s what I would do. Every day you need to get in shape. You are in the Olympics now. So begin training. Every day you must do The Daily Practice [note: I don’t want to seem like a constant advertisement for it but its the ONLY thing that has ever gotten me off the floor, motivated, executing, selling, and successful].

View it as a treat to yourself:

Physically: improve yourself today: eat well, sleep well, move well.

Emotionally: keep trimming the emotional bonsai tree of the people around you. Any diseased branch, cut off. No matter what, no matter who. Diseased branches spread.

Mentally: you MUST exercise the idea muscle every day. Every day write down 10 ideas for things you can code (I see from your twitter handle that you are a coder). Then look to see if those ten things exist. Are they succeeding? Can you do it better. Then tomorrow come up with ten more ideas. Ideas will start mating. Within months you’ll have 50 generations of ideas. Then start building your ideas. You can code quickly. If you can’t then get faster. Code ten ideas and see what works. What actually helps people.

Spiritually: Every day get down and thank whatever entity you want that you are in the lucky position you are in. Be grateful for your mother and father. Be grateful for the friends who have helped you.

Track what you are doing every day with Use the forums there to get help from your peers. Share your goals so people can comment on them and help you. Build community and network.

Then live long and prosper.


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